Heart Stories


Thank you to our CWHHA members with lived experience who have shared their incredible stories. 

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Photo of Marion

Marion Martell

Ottawa, ON

From complete heart block diagnosis to living with a pacemaker, Marion offers insight on symptoms, diagnosis, and life after pacemaker insertion.

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Photo of Charlotte

Charlotte Girard

Otterburn Park, QC

Beginning with an emergency consult in ophthalmology and receiving a diagnosis of cardiac microvascular angina, Charlotte describes how beneficial it was for her to get group support early in her recovery process.

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Photo of Donna

Donna Hart

Milton, ON

Donna describes her journey from end-stage heart failure to receiving a heart transplant and recovery. She has since participated in two Canadian Transplant Games!

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Photo of Hope and her daughter

Hope Sarfi

Richmond, BC

Confusing her symptoms for heartburn she ended up undergoing emergency open-heart surgery (coronary artery bypass grafting). Hope knows how important it is to pay attention to symptoms that "just don't feel right".

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Photo of Nicole and family

Nicole Nickerson

Middle Lahave, NS

Nicole is 38 years old and a mother of two, with coronary arterial disease with two prior non-STEMI heart attacks. She saw firsthand the inequity in women’s heart health in all levels of care and prevention. 

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Photo of Nadia

Nadia Lappa

Ottawa, ON

Nadia's Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD) journey began in 2016 after she gave birth to her third child. Feeling a surge of anxiety and the need to flee, she became violently ill and found herself laying on the floor of a public washroom.

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Photo of Dr. Najah Adreak

Najah Adreak, MD, MSc

Vancouver, BC

In 2018, Najah attended a conference for SCAD. She listened to many patients share their heart health stories alongside presentations from experts in women’s heart health. She left with a heavy heart, thinking, "As doctors, we are failing our women patients intentionally". 

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Photo of Dima

Dima Dupéré 

Ottawa, ON

Her name is Dima and she is 56 years old. March 3, 2021 was the day that changed her life. She went to the ER when the sore shoulder blade was accompanied by chest pain, and was told she had suffered a heart attack (an NSTEMI). 

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Photo of Jayneel and Mom

Jayneel Limbachia, MSc 

London, ON

Jayneel is an avid health enthusiast and a strong proponent of preventive medicine. However, as a South Asian, he has found such notions of health to be largely unpopular amongst his community, which is riddled with diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

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