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Thank you to our CWHHA members who have shared their inspiring research and clinical stories to spark interest as well as provide information, guidance, and direction to those interested in a career in women’s heart health but unsure where to start.  

Photo of Dr. Jessica Forcillo

Jessica Forcillo, MD, MPH, PhD, FRCSC

Cardiac Surgeon, Montreal, QC

"I am a woman working in a man’s world and I want to make a difference for the women that I treat."

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Photo of Dr. Judy Luu

Judy Luu, MD/PhD, FRCPC

Women’s Heart Health Cardiologist | Montreal, QC

"I am particularly interested in finding solutions to improve healthcare for women from marginalized groups, including those from ethnic backgrounds, remote areas, and racialized communities."

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Meagan Nobel, Nurse Practitioner

Meagan Noble, BA(Kin), BScN, MN-CSRS, NP-Adult

Nurse Practitioner | Toronto, ON

"Witnessing the knowledge and treatments gaps in women presenting to the emergency department with "non-traditional" chest pain as a Registered Nurse ignited a passion to empower others, by increasing awareness of women’s sex-specific risk factors and symptom presentations of cardiac pain at large."

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Photo of Dr. Nazli Parast

Nazli Parast, RN, CDE, BScN, MScN, EdD

Advance Practice Nurse, Ottawa, ON

“I know firsthand what it means to be misdiagnosed and dismissed. Nursing education regarding women’s heart health is extremely limited even though the majority of nurses are women.”

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Photo of Robin Pohl

Robin Pohl, BPE, ACSM-CEP

Cardiac Rehab Exercise Therapist, Burlington, ON

“There are so many opportunities to work in healthcare and the fitness industry to promote women’s heart health…There are endless possibilities!"

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Photo of Dr. Carolyn Baer

Carolyn Baer, MD, FRCPC

General Internist, Moncton NB

“By virtue of identifying as a woman and by seeing more and more women with heart disease requiring care, I began focusing on women’s heart health.”

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