Najah Adreak, MD, MSc

Vancouver, BC

Trainee Representative, Executive Steering Committee, CWHHA
Clinical Researcher, Study Coordinator in Pediatric Cardiology, BC Children’s Hospital
National CAPSNet Data Registry Coordinator, Pediatric Surgery
University of British Columbia - Vancouver Campus
Vancouver, BC

CWHHA member since September, 2018


Dr. Najah Adreak is a clinical researcher with a Master of Science in Surgery at the University of British Columbia (UBC). She earned her medical degree from Tripoli University and trained in the Cardiac Surgery residency program in her country before moving to Canada for further education and training. Dr. Adreak is the Trainee Representative for the Canadian Women Heart’s Health Alliance and an active Training and Education Working Group member. She led the western committee for the Wear Red Canada campaign in 2021-2023.  

She is an advocate for cardiovascular health and treatment, especially for underserved women patients. UBC. She has authored many papers and works as a reviewer for the Canadian Journal for Cardiology. Dr. Adreak is also active in the Canadian Cardiovascular Society, and she has managed many clinical trials in the cardiac surgery department at St. Paul’s Hospital and pediatric cardiology at BC Children’s Hospital, where she took great pride in improving patient care through research and innovation. She has a strong academic and medical background and outstanding leadership experience. Her long-term goal is to be an academic cardiac surgeon and advocate for women's health and access to quality health care. 

Twitter: @NajahAdreak

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