Daisy Baldwin, RN, PhD(c)

Clarkes Beach, NL

Assistant Professor
Memorial University, Faculty of Nursing
Clarkes Beach, NL

CWHHA member since September 2023


My name is Daisy Baldwin. I am an Assistant Professor and PhD candidate at Memorial University Faculty of Nursing, Newfoundland and Labrador. My substantive area of research is women’s heart disease. I am particularly interested in exploring women’s perceptions of risk for heart disease after living with pregnancy related non-traditional risk factors such as (gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, polycystic ovarian syndrome, etc.). For my PhD I focused on gestational diabetes as a risk factor for heart disease. I am currently in the writing phase of my PhD dissertation. I have conducted a grounded theory study entitled "The experiences of women who had gestational diabetes and are at risk for or develop coronary artery disease: A grounded theory study." I am in the process of writing three manuscripts which will be submitted for publication. Based on the findings of this study, I hope to develop an effective intervention to raise awareness and ensure that women who had gestational diabetes receive proper education, screening, and follow-up for heart disease.