Amber Bean

Ottawa, Ontario

Advanced Care Paramedic
Ottawa Paramedic Service
Ottawa, Ontario

CWHHA member since January 2024


Amber Bean is an Advanced Care Paramedic with the Ottawa Paramedic Service Branch and has served over twelve years within the organization. Amber is passionate about the paramedic profession, and she has a positive, professional attitude that has enabled her to carry out her duties effectively and to continue expanding her skills through the learning experiences found in her routine deployment.

Amber is a diligent supporter of public relations and education as seen in her volunteer activities, and she strives to continually promote the profession and the Ottawa Paramedic Service through her natural-born leadership, knowledge, and diligence. Amber strongly believes in lifelong learning and has benefitted from educational experiences outside traditional learning institutions, a perspective she has developed as a mature student returning to school while managing competing priorities including; a 25-year marriage and raising three young adults. From her personal life experiences, she offers an organized, dedicated, and meticulous approach to any endeavour she may encounter.  

One of the most valuable learning experiences that Amber has lived that directly translates to the Paramedic profession is a volunteer opportunity where Amber served as a medical assistant in rural Tanzania for the Canadian African Community Health Alliance. While there were no certifications granted this self-funded opportunity exposed her to hands-on learning experiences that honed her leadership skills and required Amber to draw upon her clinical care knowledge, and provided her an opportunity to manage a mass casualty event that differed vastly from those she may have encountered while working for the Ottawa Paramedic Service Branch.
Amber is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, swimming, cross country skiing and connecting with nature. During her spare time, she enjoys tackling home renovation projects as she has a background in home renovation. Amber enjoys artistic pursuits of painting in various mediums, photography and cross stitch. Amber has an interest in genealogy and photo record keeping, as she has always had an interest in archaeology. 

Amber considers an opportunity to become involved with the Women’s Heart Health Alliance an asset in her new Acting Position of Clinical Training Superintendent for the Ottawa Paramedic Service.